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Summer is here, is your home ready?

Well, the fourth of July has come and gone so summer is in full swing. Is your home ready? Hurricane Arthur is history, and luckily here on the Treasure Coast we were fortunate and only got a small dose of stormy weather, but just in case you haven’t already done so, here are a few things you can do to be better prepared.

If you have hurricane panels in your garage our shed, you should get them out and match them up to your windows and doors and make sure you have all the fastening hardware and the proper tools for installing your panels, and that no panels are missing or damaged.

Clean up or put away loose yard ornaments, temporary structures and trash barrels. It’s a good idea to leave out in your yard only items that you can pick up and put away quickly and easily.

Landscaping should be trimmed. Branches from bushes and trees should not be touching or hanging over your house. As a general rule all vegetation should be kept back at least eighteen inches from the walls, eaves and gutters. Branches hanging low over your roof can cause considerable damage to roof coverings during a storm even if they don’t break off and come crashing down, causing more serious damage.

If you have a generator, make sure it is going to work if you need it. If it does not start or it runs poorly, now is the time to get it serviced. Make sure you have fuel in the tank and good (not old) fuel safely stored in an approved container or containers.

Make sure you have emergency food, water and medical supplies on hand. You should have one gallon of water per person per day for everyone in your household. It’s a good idea to keep five days supply or more.

Don’t forget your furry friends. keep food and water on hand for them as well. If you have dog and/or cat crates, make sure they are clean and ready for use, and that you know where they are in case you need them for an evacuation.

Keep your gutters and downspouts clean. Even without a hurricane or tropical storm our normal summer downpours can test the limits of your roof’s drainage system. Make sure downspouts direct water away from the house.

Your home’s roof is your first line of defense against summer storms. Loose, damaged or improperly installed roofing materials and flashings can lead to costly repairs. Consider having your roof covering and structure inspected by a roofing contractor or a certified, licensed home inspector, such as Estey Home Inspections, LLC to make sure everything is in good condition and that you are as ready as possible for whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

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